Class Descriptions


[callout font_size=”13px” style=”bluegrey”]The Fitness Club for Women is pleased to welcome you to our comprehensive Group Exercise Program. All our instructors are certified and committed to providing you with high quality classes. All classes provide safe and effective workouts. See you in class!!![/callout]

Group Exercise Class Descriptions


BARRE MOTION: Fuses ballet bar workout, yoga, and Pilates for a total body workout that targets seat, hips, thighs, abs, and arms.  Each strength workout section is followed by a stretch section, which helps achieve a long, lean, strong physique.

BALLETBARRE MOTION: A traditional Barre class fused with ballet movements at the bar.

BARRES CORE:  A fusion of the Barre Method (no yoga in this class) hand focused core work for improved stability/balance, overall strength and functionality.

CARDIO STRENGHT & CORE:  A great combo class that gives you a total body workout!  The first half of this class is cardio drills.  The second half is all ON THE BALL: Strength & Core training.

THE DEFINED BODY: It’s simple… strength training through functional movement patterns, for a strong and balanced body.

DEFINITIONS:  Condition your body using a variety of weighted/resistance equipment to improve muscle definition and strength. This is a lower intensity muscle class with challenging options given.

DYNAMIC STRENGTH:  Train everything in this class; cardiovascular and respiratory systems, functional ability, balance, muscular strength and endurance!  This class offers higher intensity but modifications are given.

POWER MUSCLE: Strength training at it’s best! This class offers basic and solid muscle conditioning.  The step will be used to increase the intensity and provide lots of compound movements.

SHOCKWAVE:  Bosu training at it’s best!  A shockwave starts in one spot and then flows outward affecting everything. The same principle happens when you stand on a Bosu… everything has to work! Segments of Cardio, Conditioning, Core and Balance training, with varying levels of intensity. A Bosu looks like ½ a stability ball & flat on the bottom.

STEP & BARRE:  A fun and energetic class.  Enjoy step combinations for a great aerobic workout with intervals of Barre Motion.

STEP IT UP:  Enjoy a traditional step aerobics class that’s full of non-stop movements for a fun but intense workout!

STEP & KICK:   A combination of two cardio formats makes this class fun and intense with non-stop movement.  Experience a traditional step class with some intervals of kickboxing included.

ZUMBA:  A fusion of Latin and international dance styles make up this high energy cardio dance class… and it’s easy to do to!!

ZUMBA TONING:  Intervals of full intensity Zumba with choreography that incorporates the use of light weights.



BETTER BONES & BALANCE:  This class focuses on improving posture, balance, stability, and strength.  You will do specific balance & stability exercises as well as strengthen your body by using your body in functional movement patterns.

DANCE LEELE:  N.I.A. inspired.  Fun, exhilarating, expressive dance/movement.  (N.I.A. incorporates the philosophies of yoga, martial arts, dance and the healing arts with low-impact aerobic movements.)

LET’S DANCE: Get your cardio groove on in the fun, energetic, cardio dance class of aerobics dance movements and some Latin flare!g[hr_shadow]



PILATES MAT:  Based on the teaching of Joseph Pilates this class will increase core body strength and improve flexibility and balance.

PILATES BODY BURN:  Condition your body two-fold! This class will combine mat Pilates with light-weight muscle conditioning.

POSTURE FLOW & STRENGTH: This class utilizes exercises to improve & strengthen postural alignment, move through standing fluid yoga postures, and work on overall core strength.

SLOW FLOW YOGA:  Works the mind & body through a series of yoga postures and stretches that build strength, flexibility, and balance with the focus on the therapeutic values of yoga.

TAI CHI: Fluid movement patterns that work to improve balance, stability and core strength.  Tai Chi movements are also a way to improve one’s energy flow or life force for a sense of well-being and harmony.

VINYASA YOGA: Works the mind & body through a series of yoga postures.  The pace of this class move more quickly through the poses.  This class focuses on movement, not just stretching.




Classes are a group activity; we request that you follow the instructor’s routine.

PLEASE BE ON TIME! Entering a class late is not recommended.

For the sake of people with allergies, please refrain from wearing perfume.

There are no reserved spaces. First come, first served.

DO NOT start setting up before the current class has finished.

Appropriate exercise attire must be worn.

No glass water bottles.

Cell phones not permitted in the Aerobic studio.